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Driving Tips

The Czech Republic has a well-marked network of roads and motorways of a high standard.

Traffic regulations

Traffic regulations in the Czech Republic are almost identical to those, which apply in most European countries:

  • Drivers must not drink alcohol before or during driving
  • Seat belts are compulsory while driving
  • Motorcyclists, as well as their pillion passengers, obliged to use a protective helmet
  • The Police must be informed about any traffic accident involving casualties, or serious damage to the car
  • Persons younger than 12 years or whose height is under 150 cm must travel in the rear seat of the car.
  • Toll charges apply for the use of motorways and of other four-lane express roads in the CR. The payment of this toll is by way of purchasing a so called "motorway label" which is then affixed to the windscreen of the car from within. This label (total value 800 CZK) can be bought at post offices, border crossing points and selected petrol stations.

The Police in the CR are authorized to penalize the driver for breach of a traffic regulation or speed limit. Motorists are also obliged, if requested, to undergo an alcohol Breathalyzer test. Transgressions are dealt with at the local Traffic Inspectors Office. A driver can be fined up to 2000 CZK on the spot.

Speed Limits

  • Maximum speed limit in towns and villages is 50 Km per hour
  • Maximum speed limit for cars, buses and coaches up to 3 500 kg is 90 km per hour on roads and 130 Km per hour on motorways
  • Maximum speed limit for motorbikes is 90 km per hour
  • Maximum speed limit for cars above 3 500 kg is 80 km per hour on roads

Car rental

In the Czech Republic you will find a number of local and international rent-a-car operators, such as: Hertz, Avis or Budget. You can rent small basic cars as well as luxurious cars or car plus driver. A list of these car hire companies, including contacts, is available in the "Yellow Pages" directory.

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